Sewage, grey-water and putrescible waste discharges


This reference case considers the impacts of a change to water and sediment quality from the discharges of sewage, grey-water and putrescible waste from any petroleum activity including the control measures necessary to manage the discharge.

2017:1001 - Sewage, grey-water and putrescible waste discharges

Public comment period closed - to be submitted to NOPSEMA for regulatory review

Value Statement

This reference case provides a knowledge base against which an impact assessment can be completed in less time because titleholder need only assess their differences in scope of activities from the reference case. 

How to use this reference case

The following text is proposed for inclusion in an Environment Plan. It is recommended that the environmental performance table is copied into the EP for ease of communication and compliance checking.

The Company has reviewed its proposed activity and the requirement to discharge sewage, grey-water and putrescible waste. The expected discharges fit within the limitations imposed in Reference Case 1001: Sewage, grey-water and putrescible waste discharges such that the Reference Case applies to this activity. The EP describes the specific environment in which the discharges are to take place and there are no values and sensitivities identified which fall outside the scope of Reference Case 1001. Therefore the assessment of impacts in Reference Case 1001 is considered entirely applicable to the proposed activity and as such the control measures specified, along with the environmental performance parameters will be adopted in full. Doing so means that environmental impacts are reduced to as low as reasonably practicable and will be of an acceptable level – as demonstrated in Reference Case 1001.

Development partners: NERA, Greenlight Environmental

Regulator(s): NOPSEMA

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