Glossary of Terms


NERA has been requested by the NOPSEMA Transparency Taskforce to prepare a Glossary of Terms related to the Environment Plan approvals process for public consultation. 

This reference case aims to create a consistent selection of terms to be used in preparation of an environment plan and during consultation with relevant persons. Adoption of this reference case by all stakeholders is expected to reduce misunderstanding and misinformation during the consultation process and the assessment process. 

The Glossary of Terms currently takes its definitions from the following documents, used in priority order:

  1. The OPGGS (Environment) Regulations
  2. ISO 31000 -  Risk Management
  3. ISO 14001 - Environmental Management Systems
  4. Common abbreviations derived from the OPGGS (Environment) Regulations

Titleholders are encouraged to be disciplined about the language they use during consultation and in preparing their environment plan to benefit themselves and stakeholders.

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